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 Saturday Lake Loops at Lake Merritt

We love to run. Together. 

Our Story
Oakland Track Club pacers at Oakland Running Festival
Oakland Track Club workout drills at Piedmont High

Our Story

Oakland Track Club is a competitive running club based in the heart of the East Bay, established in 2017 with the purpose of providing runners of all levels the opportunity to train hard and race for a team. Our athletes compete in variety of events and distances, ranging from road racing and track, to cross country and trail ultras. 


Our members span in ability from people beginning their love affair with running to seasoned veterans; we encourage everyone to come out and join us. Though you don't have to race to join us, many of our members compete in a variety of races all over the Bay Area and beyond. We are a growing USATF club in the Pacific Association, with a strong presence in PAUSATF Cross Country and the road racing circuit. 

We believe that the joy of running and racing should be accessible and welcoming to all; our racing team comprises members of all backgrounds and all abilities. We offer training plans and running education, gear lending, and financial assistance for racing to members.

Run with us

Oakland Track Club hosts daily runs in Oakland and the East Bay, plus two signature annual track races: the Summer Classic and the Winter Classic. We have runs that are suitable to runners with any ability and training goals.

Many of our members race in local, state, national, and international races, so you'll always find encouraging training partners.

Oakland Track Club racing at Oakland Half Marathon

Find a Run

Saturdays | 8 AM
Lake Loops 
Lake Merritt Amphitheater

Our staple club run, for the Saturday Morning Workout we meet at 8:00am for a lap or two (or three) around our home 3.1 mile "track." The group always starts out easy and we have several pace groups ranging from 7 min miles to 10 min miles or more. 

Sundays | AM (time varies)
Sunday Long Run

We coordinate on a week-to-week basis to meet up for Sunday morning long runs. These are often runs that take us into the beautiful local trails.

Tuesdays | 6:15 AM
Temescal Tuesday
40th and Telegraph (NE Corner)

This is a casual, shorter run starting in Temescal at 6:15am on Tuesday mornings. The main course is a 5.5 mile loop, and the paces are generally between 6:30 - 8:30 min/miles. 

Wednesdays | 6:15 AM
Workout Wednesday
Lake Merritt Ampitheater

We meet for mid-week speed and strength workouts at 6:15am on Wednesday mornings at the Lake Merritt Ampitheater. The group does drills and a dynamic warmup together before starting the workout. There is a club workout that most members do, though many do workouts tailored for the race they are building for. 

Wednesdays | 6:00 PM
Workout: PM Edition
Clark Kerr Track

For our evening runners, we offer a mid-week speed and strength workout at 6:0pm on Wednesday evenings at the Clark Kerr track. The group does drills and a dynamic warmup together before starting the workout. There is a club workout that most members do, though many do workouts tailored for the race they are building for. 

Thursdays | 6:15 AM
Femmes/Women/Non-binary Run

Come join the OTC folks living outside of the he/him area of the gender construct for some recovery-paced miles through Piedmont, or around the lake. We usually cover 5-7 miles together. All paces are welcome—we stop and regroup at least once or twice during this run! Email here for more details! 

(On Hold For Winter)
Jueves de Tacos Run
Los Cantaros

On Thursday evenings we meet at 6:15pm at Los Cantaros on Grand Avenue for an organized group run of 1-2 loops of Lake Merritt, followed by food and laughs! This is OTCs first recurring bilingual run, and Spanish Speakers are encouraged to join us — but all are welcome!

Fridays | 6:30 AM
Sunrise Run
Farley's East

Every Friday at 6:30am we join our friends at Renegade Running for an easy 4-6 mile loop around the Town! 

Find all of our runs on Strava

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